Meghan Linsey goes it alone in country career

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Meghan Linsey

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Meghan Linsey came to fame as half of the successful country duo Steel Magnolia.

These days Linsey is making a name for herself as a solo act focusing on country, but not afraid to experiment with mixing it up.

A recent cover of OneRepublic’s ‘Counting Stars’ caught the attention of not only that group but also CMT and Satellite radio.

“I was just going to cover it and put it on YouTube, but we ended up doing a full production on accident. Then we ended up shooting a full music video. I went to CMT and they started airing it, then John Marks at Sirius started playing it,” said Linsey in a phone interview.

The single also did well in iTunes, an increasingly important measure of success and source of income for rising as well as established artists.

Digital music, combined with satellite radio and television mean an artist like Linsey can have success without a single spin on traditional radio, “It changes the game to have digital, satellite and other platforms ready to put you out there. Radio is still very valuable and important but you have to have a big budget for that.”

But don’t worry, Meghan said her heart is still in country music, “I love country, the lyrics, the emotion, the soul of it. There are real instruments, My heart is in country. I try not to think too hard. It almost hurts to worry about what too many people think.”

While they were highly successful as a duo, Linsey and Joshua Scott Jones decided a while back they wanted to pursue solo careers.

The two put together a plan which allowed them to start on solo projects while still touring as Steel Magnolia and using social media to slowly let people know about their future plans.

Linsey said the plan was a deliberate maneuver, “We’ve done it right, I think. We continued to tour, kept our face out there. We kept our fans updated. We’ve prepared and planned. This feels like the right time.”

While she could have given over control and signed to a major label, Linsey said she wants to have more control and make the music she loves, “It’s all so controlled in a label environment. You can lose yourself. Right now I just want to focus on trying to make really good music.”

Linsey has a preview of some of her news songs on her website and is giving fans a chance to help create her new album.

Fans can contribute money in set amounts to fund the album via a special website and, in return, they receive certain gifts such as a custom written song or even a chance to have coffee with Meghan.

Linsey’s voice is strong and rich and can go from blues to country to pop effortlessly. To get a full sense of her range and depth, listen to ‘Bulletproof‘ a single released when Steel Magnolia  was at their strongest.

Recently Meghan spoke with E! News about her career change and the PledgeMusic album funding campaign.

If you are heading to the CMA Music Festival in Nashville June 5-8, be sure to catch Meghan on the Bud Light Stage at Bridgestone arena at 3:45pm Saturday June 7th.

In a business that is tough and tosses people out left and right, Meghan Linsey has proved; she indeed is a steel magnolia.