Man killed while walking on Highway 78

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Authorities in North Mississippi are investigating the tragic death of a man who was hit and killed by a tractor-trailer this week.

It happened on Highway 78 in Marshall County.

Facebook pictures of Jessica Thrasher and Gary Hood show a couple who appear happy and in love.

It makes the tragedy on Highway 78 even harder to comprehend.

Investigators tell us Thrasher and Hood were on their way back to Union County after a trip to Memphis.

We’re told the two got into an argument near the West Holly Springs exit in Marshall County, and Thrasher made Hood get out of the car.

After he did, he was standing on Highway 78 when he was hit and killed by an 18-wheeler.

Since it was an accident, the truck driver was not charged.

Investigators in Marshall County and Union County talked to Thrasher about how Hood ended up walking on Highway 78.

They found her car was damaged, but News Channel 3 was told Thursday, the  damage is not consistent with a person being struck by the vehicle.

Thrasher has not been charged with any crime.

Thursday, Jessica’s mother would only say Hood’s death is a tragedy and her daughter is taking it very hard.

Jessica later called and told us Gary was an organ donor and saved seven lives, including donating his heart to someone on a transplant waiting list.


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