Dog missing from shelter returned

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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -- There is good news for a West Memphis man who was searching for his missing dog.

Tuesday we told you about Blue, a pricy pit bull who ran away from home after a storm on Saturday, was found by a police officer, and taken to the West Memphis Animal Shelter

Somehow the pit bull got out of a locked cage at the shelter and disappeared again.

On Wednesday, the Johnson family got the surprise they were hoping for when they had a chance to hug their dog, Blue, once again.

"My girls have their dog back and that is wonderful news," Leigh Ann Johnson said.

Johnson and her family were worried about the blue razor pit bull when he vanished from the shelter.

"I was scared," Johnson said.

A couple found Blue wandering outside of the animal shelter gates.

"First she drove by and she thought 'I got to go back.'  She felt bad," Johnson said.

The couple took Blue home and tried finding his owners on Craigslist, but had no luck.

"They had pretty well resided themselves to the fact that they were going to keep the dog," Johnson said.

That was the plan until the couple made a trip to a downtown Memphis coffee shop.

"The gentleman who was making their coffee said, 'Hey I think I saw him on News Channel 3,'" Johnson said.

The couple gave Blue back, leaving questions on how he got out of a locked cage in the first place.

"That remains a mystery because there was no evidence that the kennel door was opened and there was no evidence that he actually chewed his way through," Kerry Sneed said.

Sneed is the director of the West Memphis Animal Shelter and said she questioned all of the county jail inmates and volunteers who work there.

"I think it's fair to say that there was no foul play," Sneed said. "There was no indication of any foul play."

The Johnsons aren't buying it.

"I know that he did not get out on his own and shame on whoever took that dog and let him go," Johnson said.

Whatever really happened, Blue's family said they are just happy to have their dog back.


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