Two women accused of stabbing men to death in separate incidents

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two women. Two knives. Two days. Two lives taken.

"A lot of people out here are just going crazy," Soncearae Dugan said.

Police say the women were the attackers, not the victims, in two deadly stabbings in Whitehaven.

"It seems like the women are doing the most of the crimes nowadays," Dugan said.

WREG was on the scene Memorial Day when a brawl broke out on Dianne Street.

According to police, Tequila Benton ran up and stabbed 23-year-old Stephen  Wright to death.

"Usually its the guys who are committing the crimes so to hear a woman doing it it was a little bit strange," Dugan said.

It happened all over again on Tuesday night.

A man was found dead in his apartment building on Whitaker Drive, off Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Herman Tentort's son had no idea what happened.

"I just found out the news and I rushed down here," Jason Russell said.  "I'm just like a kid in a candy store waiting to get some information or something."

In a release to local media Wednesday morning, police said the victim's girlfriend slashed him with a knife.

A man who works at the Dodge's Chicken in Whitehaven told WREG the woman rushed into the store, missing a finger and bleeding all over the place.

"You never know what the cause is," Barbra King said.

King is the executive director with the Exchange Club Family Center in Midtown.

"You know women put up with an awful lot - and men who are abused for a very long time - before they start that," King said.

Dugan said women need to put the knives down and stand together because it's not worth it.


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