This product promises to easily slice melons without the mess

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's a true art form to get a perfect slice of watermelon, and the Everyday Gourmet Melon Slicer claims to do just that, which means you can be the envy of all your friends at your next cookout!

But Does It Work?

Molly Bienvenu is a physical therapist and mother of two. Molly confessed she skips the carving and uses a scooper when she cuts up the fruit for the kids.

"I normally just put it in the sink and start stabbing it with a knife and break it open."

And that means a lot of cleanup!

"It does make a huge mess. I usually put newspaper out. Usually liquid is going everywhere!"

Hopefully the Everyday Gourmet Melon Slicer claims it can turn Molly into a master fruit slicer while reducing cleanup.

It has stainless steel blades and easy grip plastic handles.

According to the instructions, you slice off both ends of the melon and use a rocking motion with the slicer as you push down.

Molly started with the watermelon first. She sliced off both ends of the melon, placed the melon upright, placed the slicer on top and started rocking.

"It's going pretty good. Just have to make sure I do that rocking."

Molly didn't have to press down hard at all, but she did have to get on her tippy toes.

"Whoa! That is cool! And it cored it completely! It did!"

Perfectly sliced watermelon!

What about the cantaloupe?

"This is a lot easier. Don't have to stand up on my tippy toes."

Within moments, the cantaloupe was sliced up into 12 perfect pieces!

Now to see if it would work on an apple.

'I didn't have to rock as much! What?! That worked!"

And no mess to clean up.

Everyday Gourmet Melon Slicer, you passed the Does It Work test!

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  • ChrisW&Johnlickscocks

    This product will be the second most purchased product by blacks behind guns.

  • MikeBarret

    This is a product I might buy. I don’t get melons often but using it on an apple and how easy it cut around the core was impressive. I do a lot of apples when I cook pork and man it’s a pain to slice em up. And some of us white boys do like watermelon too…

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