Student reportedly ordered to pee in trash can, kindergartener sent home alone

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County School board brought charges against teacher Karen Johnson.

They say she didn't send a kindergartener to his daycare bus, but let him walk home across not one but two major highways and more than a mile to his home.

She's suspended without pay.

The same punishment was given to teacher Gregory Matthews. He teaches English at Northwest Prep Academy in Midtown.

SCS suspended him after he reportedly refused to let a student go to the bathroom and allegedly ordered the student to urinate in a trash can instead.

Other students reportedly videotaped the incident.

Parents at these schools say something must be done.

“It's sad to hear one of the teachers did that,” said Sheena Hatchett.

Parents say everyone makes mistakes, but some have consequences and the board needs to take this seriously.

“She should get in trouble you can't do that, anything could happen,” said Kim Bateman.

The teachers were 'charged' by the school board, meaning a hearing on their tenure will take place, and they could face termination.


    • MissTee

      Correct. You can’t let them go to the bathroom any time they want. They are not little kids. They are not entitled and the teacher is not obligated to let them go. They are there because they’ve done something grown up enough to get them sent there. It is quite literally the last stop before juvenile court, which is practically right down the street. They can hold it like grown ups do.

      Should the teacher have told him to use the can? Of course not (If that’s even true). But I would love to see each member of the school board substitute teach at NW Prep and not lose their cool at least once.

      • blahblah

        Well Misstee the article said the incident was video taped by other students. But I’m sure you think they are all liars too and creative enough to fake that video.

  • Problematic

    WREG, why are reporting an incident that happened over 2 years ago? Is it for the wow factor? Is it really that hard to accurately report the current news.

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