South Memphis resident livid about leaking water

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man in South Memphis said he has been living in puddles of standing water and his landlord has ignored the problem for two weeks.

It's a problem James Gillespie refuses to sweep under the rug.

As he sweeps water out of his apartment, he's raising a stink about it.

"I've been sweeping water for 13 days as of today," Gillespie said.

He said someone broke into an apartment next door and ripped out the pipes.

The missing pipes caused water to spill all over the place and into his apartment.

"You see the water," Gillespie said. "I mean the water stains all in here, this is wet down here. So you know I ain't lying."

Gillespie said someone came to fix the problem on Tuesday.

"That was the third time they done did it.  They went in the house, but as you can see I still got water in my house," Gillespie said.

The disgruntled resident said he threw away boxes of clothes, nearly a dozen towels, and an entire bed because of the water.

On Wednesday, the water was still leaking through.

Gillespie is on dialysis and prone to seizures. He claims the conditions are hazardous to his health.

"I'm not trying to cause any trouble," Gillespie said. "I'm just trying to be treated fairly man, fairly."

WREG tried asking the landlord about the issue, but a woman came out screaming at us to get away from the property.

"You ain't got to talk to me like that," Gillespie said. "I'm a tenant, I come to you with my problems, and it ain't being settled.  Ain't nothing being fixed."