Shelby Farms working to get public transportation for inner city families

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- All of the Shelby County Commissioners agree Shelby Farms is an asset to the area.

The problem is accessibility - it's hard to get to. There isn't a public bus route that will take you there, because somebody has to pay for it.

Shelby Farms is an escape from the city, but locals are having a hard time getting there.

The park's executive director, Laura Adams, says they are working on it.

"Our job in working with public transportation to the park is to advocate for it. We can't implement it, we can only advocate for it."

Some commissioners disagree. The park can implement this service, by shelling out the cash for it.

Commissioner Steve Mulroy said, "MATA has already indicated that all Shelby Farms needs to do is give them $60,000 out of its $2.5 million operating budget, and they would do that service."

The county commission gives Shelby Farms $600,000 a year to help run the park, and still does even after a private group took over the park six years ago.

They promised to increase public transportation to Shelby Farms, and so far they have not been met.

Mulroy said, "We keep kicking down the road what should be a priority. Enduring there is real access to the inner city from Shelby farms."

Shelby Farms officials say they do have a plan, and they are working on getting a grant to pay for public transportation starting in the next year.

Should MATA get this grant, it should last for three years, and then they could possibly renew it for another three years.


  • Brenda

    Would it be better to have a TRAM on a private rail track and be located at a fairly high traffic area for pickup then this would also free the streets of excess autos and creat a large guarded parking facility. Set up a schedule and a minimal rate for locals with Memphis I.D.’s/Senior Citizens/Students. Just food for thought.

  • ChrisW&Johnlickscocks

    It will be boons running from the woods robbing you. Better enjoy cause it will look like white haven soon after they bus them in.

  • Kirk Weaver

    I wonder why no one is demanding public transportation from Shelby Farms area to Vollintine Park on Evergreen Street?

  • tallapril

    I am a black female and totally against this idea. I enjoy walking the Greenline without having to deal with certain people talking loud and using vulgar language. I’m not ashamed of my race, just some of the members of my race. Well, guess I’ll have to drive to Arkansas to walk/jog in peace.

  • smith

    Let’s have free watermelons, Hotdogs, for them, when they arrive on there free bus ride. Why don’t we just buss them to the zoo, where they can play with the animals.

  • Tack

    This is why we cannot have anything nice in this city. We cannot hand deliver EVERYTHING to “disadvantaged people”, oh lets be honest here as a City Commissioner was not to long ago “the black folk of this city”. If you want to go to a park there is one in every area of the poor neighborhoods along with ALL the city pools! Its time for the city to do something for the area that generates all the tax money spent in the poor areas! Heck, I’d go so far as to say they money generated in an area should directly affect how much money is invested in an area of the city! Lets see what would happen THEN!

    • GrannyB

      So what you are saying is that you would like to have a wall built around your “area” and all the taxes YOU generate stays within this area. Am I right? YOU want to live in a FORT like your ancestors did and keep out the natives (Indians, less fortunate, indecent, etc). I don’t guess that you know that people of your own race fall into these various categories especially since you already have a FORT in your thinking.

    • GrannyB

      Sounds like the Farm ONLY BELONGS TO YOU an the other folks who think the park was made just for them. Is there a plaque there with your name and the “Southern” talking folks’ names on it? Nope, didn’t think so. If you are a resident of the City of Memphis then you and others have the right to go to these parks/farms. Why don’t you go to the “OTHER” folks parks and then you won’t have to see them at YOUR Shelby Farms. Play nice now cause Uncle Sam is watchin ya’ll

  • MemphisDad


  • Shelbyfarmslover

    I am completely against this idea! I live in the neighborhood right by Shelby farms and don’t want to have to worry about the loud buses coming down the street constantly! Buses don’t bring suburban people to the park they have to have find their own transportation so why should the inner city get special treatment? The city has spent millions on neighborhood parks in the city for people to have a place to go! If they do this they need to have some guidelines for having an adult with children. If not it’s going to turn into a hangout for kids which will ruin the parks atmosphere.

  • mr matt

    pretty soon it will be required for us to go an “foster” these kids because its not fair for unfortunate kids to have crappy parents that dont know how to play with their kids

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