Man makes wrong turn, ends up at police shooting

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- A man's wrong turn landed him in the middle of the police-involved shooting Wednesday in Southaven.

Dale Jennings said he was headed to work when he made a U-turn in the Big Lots parking lot.

That's when he came feet away from the police shooting that took a man's life.

Jennings said he is still shaken up.

He saw the officer injured, the suspect shot, and then later learned about the young child in the suspect's car.

"All I was trying to do was go to work," he said.

When Jennings made a wrong turn, he decided to stop and get a drink from Big Lots.

"All I can say is I got out of the car, I heard two gunshots and looked over and saw the policeman jump into the car and then stopping it from rolling. As soon as he got out, he yelled on his radio 'Shots fired! Shots fired!'"

Those shots ended up killing a man.

Southaven police say the man was caught by undercover officers making a drug deal in the parking lot.

He didn't want to get arrested, so police say he ran over an officer while trying to get away, and that's when they shot him.

Dale saw the man who later died.

"One gentleman had a white t-shirt on. As I saw him, I noticed right here there was blood."

He also saw the officer after he was hit by the car.

"He got up and he was just kind of shaky."

He later learned about the small child taken from the suspect's car, now in the custody of the Department of Human Services.

Jennings doesn't know what to make of the whole incident.

"I don't know. It's a crazy world out there."

He just knows he made a wrong turn, ending up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dale's car wouldn't start after that, so he was stuck in the parking lot for much of the crime scene investigation.

While the driver is dead, police say another man who was in the car is in custody.

The Desoto County Sheriffs Department has taken over the investigation.


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