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Woman charged with stabbing man to death Memorial Day

Tequila Benton

Tequila Benton

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis woman has been charged with the Memorial Day stabbing death of a man.

Stephen Wright was stabbed to death Monday around 1:20 p.m. at 5049 Dianne.

Witnesses told WREG-TV Wright was arguing with another man over a women when a female ran up and stabbed Wright in the chest.

Tequila Benton, 36, has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder.


  • K

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    ALL negroes commit ALL crimes.


  • mr matt

    oh jeez does every delusional blk person defend apeing around by mentioning some physco on a shooting say the violence is at the same rate in both races, that is almost true but let me fill you in on something, the united states is less than 15% blk and commit more than half the murders so whats that tell you?

  • Joe Bo

    Henry said the most honest statement and productive of everyone. matt you piece of ….. excuse my

  • Joe Bo

    You fit the FBI profile. Dont take it from me you sorry Neanderthal, visit your nearest FBI field office. You probably will get asked to get printed and photographed.

  • Joe Bo

    Megin, if you moved to say Mexico, well if all you did was to watch local news. Guess what amigo, you would not here about Black crime Duhh. You in Memphis. Not Kansas. Excuse my grammer. Not even about grammar, its called common sense. You may have mastered one, your dumb asssssssss floundred on th other. Correct this. Lol

  • Dr. JohnS

    Thank you for a very personal and accurate post. Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with our English teachers in the old MCS system? I did and left shaking my head because I understood nothing she said.

  • Joe Bo

    Dr John this is about the haves and the havenot. I read your post, I respect you and realize your concern for our society. I am no communist, spent 8 years in the military, thinking one day we .would have to fight russia or china. Now I am a grandfather, my grands will probably never manufacture any product in this country. All we have is service. Next time you stop at a fast food res

  • Joe Bo

    Ask them how much they get paid a hour. Ask them about there expenses. There famalies. You will be stunned. These people work fo minimum wage, and part time. The resturant is generating 30to 50 k weekly. We pay for their health coverage cus md and bk wendyss, dont have to give part time employees benifits. The next time you here about a crime Iin Shelby County. Someone might be trying to feed there daughter.

  • Joe Bo

    Don’t know if you refering to me. I be on different sites all over the world. Although I may not agree what most people posted above, I will give my life for you to speak your mind. We are attacked on every continent, just because we are Americans. You should read my post when I am addressing others.

  • Terrie

    @ joeblow, IF you are a grand father then I feel sorry for the kids! You are a pityful bitter person who wastes time trying to deal with your denial. You should be ashamed of your self and your people.

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