People angry police didn’t do more to break up large fight at murder scene

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police have arrested a woman they say stabbed a man to death in the 5000 block of Dianne Street on Memorial Day.

However, some are questioning how police responded to a large fight that broke out at the murder scene later.

Thirty-six-year-old Tequila Benton is charged with second-degree murder. Officials say she stabbed 23-year-old Stephen Wright to death.

People at the scene said police stood by and watched as a huge fight broke out after the stabbing.

As many as 30 people were involved, and WREG caught the whole thing on camera.

Some, like Sherra Tyler, who lives in the neighborhood, want to know why police, who were already there, did not break the fight up sooner.

"Whoever that is getting beat, they could have killed them or something from what I'm looking at," Tyler said, shaking her head.

In the video, you can see the fight started between two women who became increasingly aggressive over several minutes.

The video also shows several officers walking slowly towards the fight.

However, they do not get involved until it gets out of control.

While neighbors question the decision, Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams calls it a smart move.

"The odds are ten to one," he said. "What good would it have done if they had jumped in?"

Tyler said she believes it is a risk that comes with the job.

"If they can't face up to what comes with it then why should they be who they are?"

The officers on scene called for back-up, and the fight broke up shortly after the other patrol cars arrived.


  • Alex

    People are always quick to judge the police but they themselves do not want to put on the uniform. Being a police officer does not give you super powers and the most important part of the job is making it home to your family the same way you left.

  • thehood.

    My daddy always taught me growing up to never try to break up a fight between two women. They will both turn on you and beat you down.

  • Don

    This behavior has to stop!!! People running around like animals. Somthing is really wrong in this city.

    • Mya

      – Hold On You Can Shut Up ! The Women That Was In The Black At The Being “Said That’s Why I Spit In Your Brother Face Before He Died . Now Wouldn’t You Go After Her To . “um Awe Ok ” .

  • Don

    Police are smart, Before getting to the scene the stop for a doughnut and eat it on the way. This keeps the combatants time to ware themselves out and all you do then is handcuff the ones who were fighting and take their drugs away and transport to 401. Then the police go back patrolling. Simple, no police injured.


    I don’t know why those people that but that was very mean and I THINK THIS KILLING MEASE SHOULD STOP NOW

  • FacePalm

    Sherra, you’re a deeply s t u p i d person. Those cops were greatly out numbered and no its not the cops job to jump into a massive fight when there are two or three cops and 30 people acting like wild baboons. Just because your neighbors can’t act like civil members of society doesn’t mean these cops are expected jump into the colossal s h i t show and end up getting beat on. How about getting together and talk to each other and come up with a simple nonviolent solution not to act like a pack of wild dogs fighting over a bone instead of expecting the police to babysit a bunch of immature, ignorant, violent heathens.

  • Truthy

    Why should the police intervene? If they did, these same idiots would be crying “police brutality,” and holding Al Sharpton marches.

  • Russ Brown

    Should have left them alone and let them kill each other….would have been a few less idiots left in the city!

    • Mya

      – Hold On You Can Shut Up ! The Women That Was In The Black At The Being “Said That’s Why I Spit In Your Brother Face Before He Died . Now Wouldn’t You Go After Her To . “um Awe Ok ” .

  • Fed Up

    So, News Channel 3 is posting ‘Fight Videos’ now? Why don’t you all just leave that to World Star Hip Hop? It is expected of them – not you. If you are going to remain a premier news station, please try to maintain some degree of professionalism and decorum and not post such nonsense. This is very embarrassing (on all parts). You all should’ve used better judgment about whether OR NOT to post this. Just for the record, I did not watch the raw-video footage, but began to type this instead. And, I do not blame the police for not stepping in. All of the fighting is not going to solve anything, and as soon as the police leave, I am sure they will be back at it. Don’t blame law enforcement for this. You can only blame the people in the neighborhood for this foolishness.

  • K Mem

    This is Memphis at its best. People acting out because they see cameras around, then turn around and ask why police didn’t get involved. If your dumb enough to get in a brawl infront of police, then you don’t deserve a spot on the news. If the police would have jumped in and they get attacked and physical force is used then the headlines would read “MPD use eccesive force and beat up women infront of children.” WREG needs to stop blaming police for behavior like this.

  • mr matt

    10 to 1 odds come with the job so according to the well ebonified nieghbor…”ef day cant do day job den day donta needs to be da onez doin dat job der” i supposed we need to start calling the national guard out on domestic calls now

    • thehood.

      When the Jews and Arabs start shaking hands and eating meals together, then maybe, just maybe, the people in Memphis may starting getting along.

  • Sick&Tiref

    I am so sick & tired of people complaining about the MPD. I don’t blame them for their actions. They are damned if they do and dammed if they don’t. Stop acting like idiots and talk out ur problems, and learn to leave a hostile situation before it turns violent.

  • Boog E Mann

    Two squad cars waited down the street for two more to show up to arrest the two burglars I had laying on the ground at gun point. Welcome to Memfrica.

  • sueq

    You are mad because TWO officers didn’t jump into 20 something people fighting?!! That’s STUPID!! However if they would have pepper sprayed everyone there (which they had every right to do) you would be screaming excessive force. I would have preferred watching a video of these idiots getting pepper sprayed and snotting all over themselves!

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    Where is the sound in this video? I dunno how you heard anyone saying anything with NO SOUND!!

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    Someone needs to set lil ghetto elmo down with her weave to her dang knees. She is obviously instigating the fight, you see her flingin that dirty mop around more than you see anyone else in the whole 6 mins. Bae Bae Kids all grown up!

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