People angry police didn’t do more to break up large fight at murder scene

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police have arrested a woman they say stabbed a man to death in the 5000 block of Dianne Street on Memorial Day.

However, some are questioning how police responded to a large fight that broke out at the murder scene later.

Thirty-six-year-old Tequila Benton is charged with second-degree murder. Officials say she stabbed 23-year-old Stephen Wright to death.

People at the scene said police stood by and watched as a huge fight broke out after the stabbing.

As many as 30 people were involved, and WREG caught the whole thing on camera.

Some, like Sherra Tyler, who lives in the neighborhood, want to know why police, who were already there, did not break the fight up sooner.

“Whoever that is getting beat, they could have killed them or something from what I’m looking at,” Tyler said, shaking her head.

In the video, you can see the fight started between two women who became increasingly aggressive over several minutes.

The video also shows several officers walking slowly towards the fight.

However, they do not get involved until it gets out of control.

While neighbors question the decision, Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams calls it a smart move.

“The odds are ten to one,” he said. “What good would it have done if they had jumped in?”

Tyler said she believes it is a risk that comes with the job.

“If they can’t face up to what comes with it then why should they be who they are?”

The officers on scene called for back-up, and the fight broke up shortly after the other patrol cars arrived.


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