Judge tells victim to forgive rapist, sentences him to home detention

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – He was facing up to 100 years in prison, but a man convicted of raping his wife won’t serve any time behind bars.

David Wise would use his cell phone to carry out his plan inside the couple’s former home.

According to court documents, he slipped his wife at the time, Mandy Boardman, a Xanax and others drugs so he could take advantage of her in the middle of the night.

Mandy Boardman: “I knew something was happening to my body, but I didn’t know what was happening.”

She would wake up later with no energy,  just sleepy, and sometimes she would just pass out.

One day she got suspicious.

She went through Wise’s phone and found three explicit videos of herself unconscious with wise on top of her.

Mandy Boardman: “I trusted him with everything that I had.”

The details of that crime and their 12 year marriage would play out in this courtroom.

It took three years for judgment day to come, and when it did a jury found him guilty on all six counts including rape.

A judge would then sentence wise to 8 years on home detention, far less than what the prosecution wanted.

Courtney Curtis – Prosecutor: “I felt there is no difference if she knew him or not if she invited him into her bed or if she didn’t because when she laid down she was not in the wrong place at the wrong time she was in her home with her children, with her husband, asleep in her own bed.”

Mandy, decided to break her silence and talk because she wanted the public to know that rape, no matter the relationship, is just that rape.

“I felt like there were videos letters with confessions I felt like this was slam dunk case,” said Boardman.

Mandy currently has a no contact order against Wise, but what makes matters a little more difficult is that the two have children together.

He’s currently trying to get visitation rights.

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