Inmates questioned about pit bull missing from animal shelter

UPDATE: Blue was found unharmed and has been reunited with his owner.

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — “Come here, Blue Boy. Come here, Blue!”

George Johnson walked around his West Memphis community on Tuesday yelling at the top of his lungs for his dog, Blue, to come back home.

“It had kind of started lightning or thundering,” Johnson said.

The blue razor pit bull, a breed valued around $3,000, ran away during Saturday night’s storm.

“I started looking for him because I know that he was scared,” Johnson recalled. “He looks for places to hide.”

Blue was found by a police officer and taken to the West Memphis Animal Shelter.

“I asked them if they found a blue pit and the lady says yes,” Johnson said.

However, the dog owner’s relieved feeling quickly turned sour.

“We walk over to the kennel and he’s not there,” Johnson said. “They say he may have gotten out.  So immediately I’m saying, maybe he did.”

Animal Shelter Director Kerry Sneed said she checked the gate Saturday night and locked it herself.

“I did not see any indication that he had…that the kennel was compromised,” Sneed said.  “Everything was still intact.”

Sneed told WREG it would have been clear if the dog got out on his own.

Several people who work at the shelter are inmates at the county jail or working off community service hours.

WREG asked Sneed if the dog was stolen.

She responded, “It’s a true mystery.  I can’t say one way or the other. Honestly.”

For several hours Sunday morning, Sneed said there was a window of opportunity for people on the property to steal the dog.

“So I’ll certainly be talking at length with each and every one that came on the property Sunday morning,” she vowed.

“It’s very fishy,” Sneed told WREG.

“The dog just doesn’t get out of a locked cage, covered, and I can’t get any answers,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he needs answers to be reunited with his best friend Blue.

If you have information about Blue or his whereabouts, contact the owner at this email address:


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