Giving back to a woman who gives her all for others

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- If you've ever had someone unexpected reach out to help you when you needed it most, then you'll be able to relate to this week's playmaker.

He was down and out without so much as a roof over his head, but now that things are looking up, he wants to Pass It On.

DeSean Blackman wants to help a lady always known at church as someone who will provide meals to folks who are hungry, and who donates clothes to people who are cold.

A few months ago, she took him in.

"When I needed a place to stay, she opened up her doors, no questions asked."

Irene Robinson helped DeSean despite the fact she's had six surgeries in the past year and a half, is battling rheumatoid arthritis and gout, and is taking pills for everything from blood pressure to muscle spasms.

"She doesn't ask for anything back, man. She just gives and gives, and it's just a part of her personality."

DeSean finally had to do something.

"Seeing her in pain, man. Waking up and missing appointments and not having a vehicle to her appointments sometimes. "

When we arrive to Pass It On, DeSean tells Irene it's payback time.

It takes a moment for Irene to get up, but when she does, she has hugs for everyone.

She says a broken dryer and leaking sink need the most attention, things she wouldn't be able to get fixed if not for DeSean.

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  • Nick

    Hey Richard. This is a really nice thing to do with one exception. It was a major mistake you made by showing all her medications, and saying she took medicines for muscle spasms and arthritis. Now any drug head in town has a new target to rob. I hope you didn’t get this lady robbed by trying to do something nice.

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