Babysitter’s boyfriend charged with raping 2-year-old

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Robert High III

MUNFORD, Tenn. — A Munford man has been arrested for raping a 2-year-old girl his girlfriend was babysitting.

Robert Gene High III, 26, is charged with rape of a child.

The babysitter said she woke up May 25 to check on the children she was watching.

The woman said she could not find a 2-year-old girl or her boyfriend, High.

The woman told Tipton County deputies she had to push open a bedroom door that was barricaded with a piece of furniture, and when she did, High was zipping his pants.

The child told the babysitter, and an examination later showed, she had been assaulted.

Prosecutors say High denies he assaulted the girl.


  • Kay

    A waste of air and space,people u cannotj just leave your kids with just anyone,how horrible,pos
    A bullet to the head is better than taxpayers paying for his food at the jail.sorrylowdown

  • Kevin

    there’s another one … out there in the rural sticks preying on their own babies. Well, we won’t have to worry about that one posting any negative comments for a while ….

  • Terrie

    He’ll get his IFFFFF he doesnt get out on a $5.00 bail. And the babysister…..why was she sleeping if she was supposed to be WATCHING the kids????THIS is NOT watching the kids. She should be charged too.

    • jcathyc

      agreed! This low life should go straight to a cell with a serial rapest and be treated the same way! No get out of jail free for babysitter she should go next for neglect

  • Meagan

    I saw this and couldn’t believe it.. That address is right around the corner from me and that scares me..but I wouldn’t have called the police first I would have called the morge to come pick him up after I was done with him… He is a sick man.. How can a human being do something like that…. He will get what he deserves in jail after the inmates get ahold of him….

  • shirley

    well i think they need to cut off his dick and send him to preason to be a woman to all the men in there but if they find out he is a child rapiest they will beat him almost to death every day and that is still not enought but god will take care of him he will have a frount door sight of heaven from hell

  • chris williams junior wears a bra

    This is really disgusting. I would hope Five-0 did everything possible to retrieve any genetic material which may have been left behind.

    IF this guy did what they suspect, he should be put away for a very, very long time!

  • jeff

    i just absolutely knew, someone was going to pull a race card even on this… pitiful. Oh, wait. you must be from memphis, therefore you are automatically an idiot.

  • mr matt

    if a blk woman catches her man molesting a child she just wont share the next bottle of olde english with him thats bout it

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