Town hall meeting in Memphis to address veteran issues

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Memphis, Tenn. -- Tennessee State Representative G.A. Hardaway visited the grave of his late father, World War II Army Veteran Willis Hardaway, Monday.

"They accomplished their mission and their service has been honorable. Now when they come back home, it's up to us to serve them," Hardaway said as he reflected on the veterans who served their country.

It's why the turmoil involving V.A. Hospitals worries this lawmaker, who says he and other state lawmakers have been pushing to get information on the Memphis V.A. Medical Center for years.

"Even though they knew we were looking, the mess did not stop. They still kept making mistakes, the rudeness, the treatment where they act like they were doing you a favor," Hardaway said.

He said the national spotlight may allow the state to begin to offer solutions.

A town hall meeting with veterans on Tuesday, May 27, at 10 a.m. at the Benjamin Hooks Library will be a chance for vets to ask questions and see how the state resources may be used to offer waivers or review medical licenses of V.A. Center doctors.

"We are tired of waiting. We know our vets are under served as it is and the great State of Tennessee has an obligation to do what we can for our citizens," said Hardaway.

After three questionable deaths at the Memphis V.A, vets hope for changes.

"This has gone on for years. Now it's time for all people to fess up. Politicians get on the same page. Stop pointing fingers and do something about it," Vietnam Air Force Veteran Lee Harris said.

"What's happening right now with the veterans standing up and shaking the tree in Washington, they can't turn their backs to that. Our voices can be heard through the nation and national support," Gulf War Army Veteran Adam Smith said.

Representative G.A. Hardaway is working with State Representatives Karen Camper and Judd Matheny on the town hall meeting at the Benjamin Hooks Library  at 3030 Poplar Avenue on May 27 at 10:00 am.

Another option they are considering is whether the state can step up and push to offer vets service at hospitals like the Regional One Medical Center.

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  • come2jesus

    Thank you Ms. Thompson for the opportunity to voice my opinion with you on WREG from the National Cemetery Monday. If I may ever be of assistance in regards to any veteran issues feel free to contact me.
    Have a blessed week!

    Adam Smith

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