Longtime Corinth cab driver shot and killed during robbery

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CORINTH, Miss. -- In a town like Corinth, everyone knows everyone.

So you can imagine the shock and outrage over the weekend murder of a longtime cab driver.

Sixty-six-year-old Cleo Henderson was found dead on the sidewalk in front of his work early Sunday morning, leaving his family and co-workers wondering what the world has come to.

"He was just a good man, he loved his friends and he just liked to be around happy people. And he would do anything for anybody," said Melody Patterson.

Patterson's loss is hard to measure.

Her life turned upside down by the murder of her father.

"He was just a peaceful, loving person," said Patterson.

Henderson was a cab driver for Liberty Cabs in Corinth for nearly 44-years.

Sunday morning, employees found him lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk outside Liberty Cabs' office on Taylor Street.

James Willis is co-owner.

"The workers come in. When they come in they found him lying here. And they thought he just fell and just knocked himself out," said Willis.

But Corinth police later told Willis that Henderson's death wasn't an accident.

"And some of them said, 'no, he'd been shot,'" said Willis.

The news was a big blow to Willis, who considered Henderson a man of character.

"I say he would help anybody. If you pulled up out there and something happened and you couldn't do it, he'd try to do it," said Willis.

Liberty Cabs is a 50-year-old family owned business in Corinth.

The names of many of its previous employees are etched into the concrete entrance of the company's small office.

"'Cause that meant they was part of us. We're part of the people in Corinth. And Cleo was the best. He'd give his own heart to you," said Willis.

Like other employees, Henderson used his own car to pick fares.

Robbery appears to be the motive, because an old railroad money bag Henderson used was taken from his car.

Patterson said there was no money in the bag.

"He put his medicine in it, his diabetic medicine and stuff that he used for his blood pressure. And that was all that was in it," said Patterson.

Melody Patterson said funeral arraignments for her father are incomplete at this time.

Corinth police are investigating and asking for the public to contact with them with any information that can help solve the murder of Henderson.

Their number is 662-286-3377.


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