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The effort to reduce hate crimes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Earlier this week, a new report revealed one in four hate crimes in Tennessee happens right here in Shelby County.

We were not given specifics about any events.

Rev. Keith Norman is pastor of First Baptist Broad and head of the local chapter of the NAACP.

Rabbi Micah Greenstein from Temple Israel.

Both are best friends despite their different races and religions.

They joined us to talk about the hate crime issue.


    • MemphisDad

      The common ground for jews and africans is their victim status achieved by perceived persecution by whites. Neither will ever admit to the persecution of muslims in Palestine or Whites at the hands of feral africans in the inner city.

  • mr matt

    a hate crime against a white, that doesnt happen, but if it did then its their great great great great great great great granddaddies fault

  • Get Outta Memphis

    Funny how a hate crime is white on black or against a Jew, but a feral group of Obama’s kids knocking out an old white man isn’t…

  • Christine

    In my opinion, the word hate crime scares me. Don’t get me wrong. I know what it is like to be a victim of a violent crime because of one’s race. What I am afraid of is that someone may accuse someone falsely. There have been reports in the media lately where a waitress accused a customer of leaving a nasty message on a receipt. And the media have a field day with the story. What saved this customer is that he saved the receipt.

  • suchrubbishsuchwow

    One More time without moderation:

    . The TBI stats don’t lie.

    Shelby County is over 52 percent black, 42 percent white,with a small mix of other races rounding out the numbers.
    source: http: //quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/47/47157.html Just join the links back together.

    The TBI report for bias or hate crimes total for 2013 covers all ethnicity groups but there is one ambiguous group for ‘ethnicity/national bias crimes’, which has a very very large number of black offenders. This is where they are hiding the data on hate crimes against whites to make it look like blacks are attacked more when in fact the opposite is true.

    http:// http://www.tbi.state.tn.us/tn_crime_stats/publications/2013%20Hate%20Crime%20-%20Secured.pdf Page 15. Open your eyes people, they are pulling the wool over them.

    • Get Outta Memphis

      So when the system collapses and the ghettoites come out of the woodwork to loot and pillage the rich folk and they are mowed down by them, will that be a hate crime or a mercy killing?

  • mr matt

    hahaha i love how at the end he says…where are they learning to hate? look at the jew next to you and ask him about how the media and hollywood portrays europeon christians during the great passage in movies, something dominated by jewish money… how about george zimmerman, jewish name, hispanic blood but he is roasted with an edited tape from leftist msnbc as a whyte. how bout jew donald sterling(he changed his name btw). i dont even half to explain how neglectful your average ninja is. yea im teaching mine to hate because if i dont they are getting run over in this world and i will be danged

  • dada

    This is so much BS, this guy is writing for this rag, trying to get a following, then he will move on to some other city and always common denominator to stir things up with the citizens that make up a community always pitting, baiting us to think that we are supposed to hate one another. This punk is a legend in his own mind what’s left of it!

  • ChrisJrisaTallyWhacker

    Chris W I wish you would say that to my face and I would show you what my mom would do. You would wish you were in Africa.

  • ChrisJrisaTallyWhacker

    Chris W I wish you would say that to my face and I would show you what my mom would do. You would wish you were in Africa. I know you’re just a sissy.

  • ChrisJrisaTallyWhacker

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  • ChrisJrisaTallyWhacker

    Full of stuff that comes out if your butt. Y’all smell just like it too. Why are y’all do mad at the white man. We didn’t own you. I should own a few but I don’t.

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