Shooting in Highland Heights just feet away from a church

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(MEMPHIS, Tenn.)

On a day when many people are getting up to go to church. People in this neighborhood are staying inside after shots fired out just feet away from The Holy Calling Church.

A pile of broken glass is all that's left from a shooting just off the 1300 block of National Street.

Emily Eden said she saw it happen. "I just was scared. My mother says I need to get out of here. She says you have to get ouf of this neighborhood. It's not good."

Eden says the whole thing happened very fast.  She heard gun shots just after 1 o'clock and came running outside.

"First they went up to the church and came back around. Then one of the guys inside the car blew his brains out."

Police say a man who is believed to be a suspect in a recent robbery at this home was in the neighborhood firing shots into the air. When the suspect saw his victim he fired 3 shots, then got away.  The victim in critical condition at Regional Medical Center.
Kim Fulton was shocked to hear this news. "It's really ridiculous that things like this are happening so close to the church."

Fulton comes from Frayser every Sunday for services at Holy Calling. He says this area is suffering from a strong gang presence, as you can see here, painted all across the fence.

"We knock on a lot of doors. We're just trying to bring this neighborhood back around. A lot of bad things have been going on. It's so infiltrated with gangs.  We are just trying to bring the area back around," He said.

They hope youth outreach groups and a neighborhood watch program can help keep kids off the street and out of trouble.


  • Jim

    Another day, another black on black shooting. Makes ya proud to say you be from Memphis. Do it not. How many black men will be gunned down today? Thank God, I moved form this city, years ago. Memphis, the home of black killing thugs. Memphis has half the population of the State of Utah and twice as many murders. Any guesses why this is true?

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