Joerger to stay as Grizzlies head coach

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just when you thought you’d seen it all during what can only be described as a chaotic week for the Grizzlies, we get hit with another doozy–Dave Joerger is staying put in the Bluff City, turning down a chance to head home and take over the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Grizzlies Majority owner Robert Pera confirming that news Sunday during a Twitter Q & A with Grizz fans, saying that Joerger would definitely be back next season, this despite the fact it was Pera that gave the T’Wolves permission to interview Joerger in the first place.

Pera tweeting that fans shouldn’t rush to believe everything the media reports, saying talks with Minnesota never got far enough to talk about compensation for Joerger.

But one thing that should concern Grizz nation…Pera also said that he never really talked 1-on-1 with Joerger until this weekend, adding that the organization needs to become a tighter ‘TEAM’ between himself, Joerger, the front office and the players.


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