Neighbors on edge after series of thefts

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some neighbors in Southeast Memphis have a warning for criminals; stay off their property or you might get hurt.

They’re willing to do whatever it takes to protect their families after at least a dozen cars were broken into.

The majority of the thefts happened in a two-day period.

In Cherokee Heights, people weren’t just doing yard work this weekend, they were bagging-up glass and coughing-up cash.

“It cost me approximately $170 dollars to replace that window,” said Michael Joiner.

“$264,” said Leketa Nelson.

“The window was $200 and there is some other damage that is going to cost another $200,” said Marvin Bullard.

Bullard says he hasn’t slept since someone broke into his car, wondering if the next time the criminal will come into his house, “I am a gun owner and I am here to defend my family.

In a six-day period, someone has broken into at least 12 cars in this neighborhood off Lamar.

Eight cars were broken into alone at an apartment complex on Sharpe Ave.

“That’s unbelievable,” said Bullard. “They have to catch that individual because if he is bold enough to come onto your property just to go into your car, he will go into your house if its available to him.”

“I want them caught,” said Nelson.

“It is very frustrating,” said Joiner.

Police officers came out to Crider Street and dusted Bullard’s car for fingerprints.

Bullard said officers on the scene told him more than 20 cars have been broken into in Cherokee Heights in the last few weeks.

“They didn’t take nothing,” said Nelson. “They just tore up my car. Police said its some young guys around here.”

“Whoever is doing it, if you happen to be watching News Channel 3, just stop. Get your life together,” said Bullard.

Bullard said he is scared what would happen, if the criminal came back, “I am grateful that I was asleep and I didn’t see him.”

Neighbors say they are going to band together to keep an eye on the neighborhood and some are even installing security cameras.

If you know anything about these crimes, call CrimeStoppers for a cash reward at 528-CASH.


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