Scouts place 42,000 flags on graves at Memphis’ National Cemetery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Scouts from across the Mid-South gathered very early Saturday morning to honor those who served and died for their country.

For the 31st year, scouts took part in a ceremony honoring veterans following by placement of flags on graves at Memphis National Cemetery.

In just 44 minutes, the Cub scouts, Boy scouts, Girl scouts and American Heritage Girls placed 42,000 flags.

Before the scouts started helping, it took cemetery workers a week to put the flags out, the first year the scouts helped it took one full day.

A similar event was held Saturday morning at the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery near Germantown.


  • Get Outta Memphis

    All white boy scouts? Guess the majority is too busy robbing and carjacking to have their kids do something productive.

    • George Brown

      Actually there were a fair number of AA scouts at the event. I was focusing on my son’s pack.
      The scout program is growing into more communities and it is great to see.

  • Proud African American scout mom.

    The word is minority perhaps you should learn how to spell before commenting on a post. And FYI my son is currently a proud African American bear scout and has been scouting for three years now and getting prepared to move on to the webelo den next year. Ignorance is certainly bliss.

    • George Brown

      Hello. You are correct there are a growing number of AA scouts. There were a fair number there today. I was in dad mode and focused on my son’s pack :)

  • jim

    to “proud african american scout mom” you keep it up. You keep your son in the scouts because it builds character and it is a good thing. Your son will benefit, I did and I did not make Eagle but okay. You sound as if you are A fine mom and all the better for your kids. And YES ignorance is bliss and it does not matter what color you are!

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