Lost bag full of equipment returned in time for trip of a lifetime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just days before the baseball trip of a lifetime, a young Memphis baseball player has the equipment he’ll need.

Andrew Adin and his team are heading to an invitational tournament at Cooperstown Dreams Park, yes that Cooperstown where the Baseball Hall of Fame Museum is located.

Andrew put his bag full of gear, expensive gear, in the back of his parent’s truck last week.

At some point, the bag fell out of the truck, “We left home down Cobb Road onto Highway 64 and reached Houston Levee when we realized it was missing,” said Andrew.

Normally the equipment could be ordered and replaced, but the team is getting ready to leave for that big trip and the items in the bag, such as gloves, bats and specially ordered and designed trading pins, aren’t that easy to replace quickly.

Many of you shared Andrew’s story and Tuesday afternoon the person who found the bag was able to┬áreturn it in time for Andrew to use his equipment in the tournament!


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