Shoplifting suspect rams cars while trying to escape police

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — Two people are behind bars after trying to shoplift from a Walmart Friday afternoon.

Officers detained Terrell Bailey as he left the store with a cart full of stolen goods, then tried to stop Sandra Jones, who was about to leave in a pick-up.

When an officer approached her vehicle, Jones backed out of the handicap space.

As the officer opened the door, Jones tried to speed away. The officer had to grab the truck to keep from being hit.

Jones hit several vehicles before stopping, with the officer pinned between the open driver’s side door and another vehicle.

Witnesses helped free the officer, and Jones, who was unconscious, was taken to St. Francis Bartlett.

She was later released and booked into the Bartlett City Jail.

The officer was also taken to the hospital as a precaution, and released with no injuries.

The 101 items Bailey and Jones tried to steal were worth $1,156.77.

Police also learned Bailey had an active warrant for theft under $500, and Jones had two active warrants, one for theft under $500 and the other for driving with a suspended license, speeding, and violation of financial law. The vehicles damaged by Jones were logged into a crash report.


  • Anonymous

    I’d like to think she was unconscious because the cop was pounding on her face. That would be about the only justice likely to be served.

  • Chriswilliamsjuniorwearsasportsbraunderhismanclothes

    Do you believe it??? They even park in Handicapped spots when robbing the store. I hope Bartlett Five-0 doesn’t forget to write that ticket.

    All kidding aside, folks, don’t you wish this brand of Memphis pond scum would rob establishments in Memphis and stay the hell out of other areas of the metro area.

    • Get Outta Memphis

      I go to Wal Mart all the time, except I don’t live in Shelby county and the majority in the store aren’t black.

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