Long-time truck driver killed in fiery interstate crash

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(Memphis, Tenn)  Long-time truck driver Jamie Travis Fore had to be pulled out of his burning rig Thursday night.

It would turn out to be his last haul.

Trina Hall lives across from Fore and his wife in a Covington apartment complex.

She saw them both earlier that evening.

"He was leaving. She was taking him out then to get on the road, but I see now it's over with. I hate that because he was a sweet person. Jamie was real good," Hall said.

She learned the fiery wreck she saw on television was Fore's truck.

Fore, a grandfather and a long-time trucker, last year married his long-time girl friend, who told us by phone she was still trying to grasp what happened and was too devastated to talk about it.

" She would go out with him sometimes. He would leave back out. He would come in a couple of days. Everybody was crazy about Jamie," Hall said.

"She (his wife) left yesterday crying. I was outside and asked her what was wrong and she was like my husband was just in a car wreck and I was like is he OK.  She says it doesn't look too good, " Hall added.

Fore's family says he worked for JNJ Express on Getwell Road, a family-owned and operated Truckload Carrier that works with truck owners and operators.

At the business Friday, JNJ officials declined to talk about the accident.

We looked up the safety history of JNJ and found a satisfactory rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Over the last two years, its drivers had 34 crashes, nine with injuries, but until now none fatal.

"When he was leaving yesterday he was laughing and joking. He was like bye Trina. I'll see y'all when I come back and now it's like Jamie had a wreck," said Hall.

Fore's family is in the process of making funeral arrangements.

The accident remains under investigation.


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