Does city councilman regret suggesting cutting sick time for firefighters?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Now that the city seems to have a number most everyone agrees on when it comes to Memphis' underfunded budget, what's next for the city budget?

Difficult decisions loom, which is why one city councilman this week pushed for his colleagues to look for savings in other cutting sick time for firefighters.

The Informed Sources wonders if he wants to take that back.


  • Don

    Does city councilman regret suggesting cutting sick time for firefighters?

    No, they do not! All they worry about is the fact their catered lunch that is paid for by the taxpayers may be stopped because of the tight money. This shouldn’t be a part of their entitlements.
    Their entitlement already gives them ample time to go to lunch. There are not that busy.

  • Bobby Eugene

    Conrad says that sick hours are 3-4 times that of other City employees. Has anyone considered that when any City employee outside the fire department calls in sick for one day they use 8 sick hours. When a firefighter calls in sick for one day, they use 24 hours of sick time. Hmmmmmm, three times as much. Must just be a coincidence.

  • Bill

    This is why we need 2 pay levels for the Fire Department. One for the down time, when they are acutally sleeping and playing video games and watching movies and TV and the other one for when they’re actually fighting fires.

  • Bill is a sissy.

    At 3 am, while you are sleeping Bill, Fire Fighters are on the streets of Memphis putting out fires in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation. Just a guess,but I doubt you are man enough to say negative things to a Fireman outside of the safety of your computer room.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Has anyone noticed that there is never any discussion by the Fire Director or the Mayor on cutting those at the top versus those at the bottom or their benefits? In the Corporate World this would be a no brainer, but I forget, we are dealing with people who doesn’t have a clue about how to really manage and look at a real budget. We have people in positions only to make sure they take care of their buddies, and to heck with everyone else. I believe the firemen deserve their benefits, but there is always room for adjustments throughout.

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