Shots fired at mother and baby boy

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shots were fired and glass was scattered all over the place after a mother and her 9-month-old son were attacked Tuesday.

Two people are locked up, but the victims’ family is still in shock.

“I’m like, oh my God,” Jacqueline Scullark said.  “What in the world wrong?  What’s wrong? And she hollered, ‘BJ!'”

Jacqueline ran frantically to her front yard to save her family.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. My grand-baby, my daughter,” Jacqueline said.

The baby and his mom were attacked in front of a home on McConnel Street in East Memphis.

“It was a tan Impala blocking my little sister in,” Tai Scullark said.

She was scared for her sister’s life.

“A young lady was just slamming her car windows with a bat,” Tai said.

“Beating back in the back of the window where my grand-baby was,” Jacqueline continued.

According to police, Alice Nolen was the woman behind the attack.

Nolen reportedly went crazy, smashing window after window.

It was what police say happened next that sent chills up family members’ spines.

“It said, ‘pow,'” the victim’s mother shouted.

The driver of the car, Robert Smith, handed Nolen a gun, according to police.

“When she jumped out the car, she did straight just like this and pointed straight to her car,” Jacqueline said. “Right there in front of her window.”

“Thank God she ducked,” Tai said.

“That’s the only reason why the bullet missed my little sister,” she added.

Officers caught up to Nolen and Smith and threw them in jail.

The victim’s mother said Nolen and her daughters had gotten into it before.

“My daughter said she just pulled up on the side of her and said, ‘Come on, get with it, come on, get with it’,” Jacqueline said.

However, the family said things went too far this time around.

“It’s one thing for two adults to have a conflict, but when it comes down to these babies, leave these babies up out of it,” Tai said worriedly.

Police said the baby was only nicked by the glass.

Nolen and Smith are being held on a combined $75,000 bond.

Both suspects are expected to appear in court on Friday.


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