Guilty plea in post office murders

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MEMPHIS, Tenn -- A guilty plea was entered Thursday in the murders of two postal workers in Henning, Tenn.

The women were gunned down during a robbery, for a mere $63 dollars in cash.

After three and a half years, Chastain Montgomery finally admitted his guilt as a part of a plea agreement, because he didn't want to risk losing his life.

Montgomery now avoids a trial and a possible death row sentence.

He will serve life in prison, without any chance of early release.

Family members of Paula Robinson and Judy Spray, the two postal workers killed at the Henning post office in October 2010, were in the courtroom.

We talked to Spray's family who said "it's been a long journey," and they got justice.

U.S. Attorney Ed Stanton III said in a news conference after the hearing his office has consulted with the families from day one.

In court, a federal prosecutor said Montgomery, a TN state corrections officer for more than 20 years, committed seven crimes.

All of the crimes were on his days off work.

Those crimes included the post office shootings and two robberies.

His son, Chastain Montgomery, Jr. was killed in a shootout with police after one of those robberies.

His father was arrested minutes later, after he burst through crime scene tape.

Guns used in their crimes were found on the scene that day.

One of Montgomery's defense attorneys, Michael Scholl, said they achieved their goal of saving his life, "This is the fairest and just result for all."

Montgomery's childhood friend said he talked to Montgomery's family today. "We are just glad to know that he is not going to be executed. We are glad to know that."

The victims families will get an opportunity to speak during the official sentencing hearing on August 12th.

Montgomery is the grandson of. Henning's first African-American mayor, Fred Montgomery, who was best friends with Roots author, Alex Haley.


  • Low Profile

    This crime was just plain ridiculous from the get-go. You don’t go to a post office for money. You go there for stamps. Just how much in stamp sales did these two think some small-town USPS office does in a day anyway? Too bad Dad wasn’t caught up in what his kid got. And way to go in teaching his son about character and citizenship.

  • Don

    Both of those women are dead and gone, Why ain’t he dead. That’s right, a plea agreement, The women didn’t have a plea agreement. Awe but Montgomery had a snake Michael Scholl, to plea for him. Something doesn’t sound just right. Scholl said:This is the fairest and just result for all. This is what he calls justice. I don’t think the victims families and friends thinks it is right.
    The victims families will get an opportunity to speak during the official sentencing hearing on August 12th.
    I hope the hearing is standing room only. Montgomery needs to be in Boot Hill, along with the snake.

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