Police: Child hit, starved, locked in bedroom & over medicated

(Memphis) A Memphis woman is charged with child abuse and neglect after reportedly hitting her son in the eye with a broom, starving him and locking him in a bedroom while overdosing him on medicine.

Charresa Noel, 43, was arrested after two people saw her hit the 8-year-old boy in the eye with a broom handle after he tried to get food from a refrigerator after not being fed all day.

One witness told police she sneaks the child food at night so he has something to eat.

According to an affidavit, the child said Noel locks him in a bedroom and, ‘he does not eat like suppose to, due to him being locked in a room.’

Police were also told by the child he is given medicine all day that makes him sleepy.

Police noted the bottle specifically states the medicine is to be given at night.

Police noted his eye was swollen, there was a cut under it and he had knots on the right and left side of his head.


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