Police: Child hit, starved, locked in bedroom & over medicated

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman is charged with child abuse and neglect after reportedly hitting her son in the eye with a broom, starving him and locking him in a bedroom while overdosing him on medicine.

Charresa Noel, 43, was arrested after two people saw her hit the 8-year-old boy in the eye with a broom handle after he tried to get food from a refrigerator after not being fed all day.

One witness told police she sneaks the child food at night so he has something to eat.

According to an affidavit, the child said Noel locks him in a bedroom and, 'he does not eat like suppose to, due to him being locked in a room.'

Police were also told by the child he is given medicine all day that makes him sleepy.

Police noted the bottle specifically states the medicine is to be given at night.

Police noted his eye was swollen, there was a cut under it and he had knots on the right and left side of his head.


  • whoyoukiddin

    Can we all stand in line and do the same to her? Throw her butt in jail and let her rot. How is she the guardian of anyone? Where is this childs mother?, Father?, someone besides this idiot.

  • whoyoukiddin

    Wow, she has a $2500 bond. Let someone have a little weed on them and they are locked up and the key thrown away. Let a woman beat, starve and drug a kid and she gets off with a slap in bond that will cost $250 so she will be out doing the same thing tomorrow.


    And I wonder….how can she stand there and SMILE?
    No conscience or remorse….tells me she has no love for this
    child! Obviously she only wanted him for a check!!
    Otherwise he would be in school like a normal child! P O S !!

    • TheSnowBeastHaterWearsHisMammysUnderwearUnderHisManClothes

      I’ll tell ya why she’s grinning. Ready???

      It’s because she knows there are few consequences for lousy behavior in Memphis / Shelby County. Why do you think the crime rates are “off the charts”?

  • donthidebehindurscreen

    Look at her, she clearly doesn’t even take care of herself… another fine welfare recipient. So glad I can work every day so my tax dollars can be put to such fine use!

  • RAWR I'm Hungry

    $2500 BOND – Amy Weirich, you should be ashamed of yourself… you say you are a mother with kids… You must beat them too? Wow, just wow.

  • JOni McCullough

    Finally we saved one before it was too late, as for her, she doesn’t deserve any mercy or compassion, she is a monster and should be treated as such

  • Jets

    Put her in with the general jail population for a few years. I understand child abusers are the least popular inmates.

  • not sure

    oh yeah she deserves a broom handle where the sun don’t shine. Make sure it has splinters then the doctors can have fun digging them out.

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