“What’s up, Mike Tyson?” Teacher in trouble after comment to student beat up on bus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A teacher is in trouble after calling out a student who was beaten up on the school bus.

The girl and her sister were out of school to go the doctor, and when one of them returned, her teacher referred to her as Mike Tyson.

“She looked and said, ‘What’s up, Mike Tyson?’ She was like, ‘Where you been?’” Cordova High Sophomore Jayla Holloway said.

Holloway couldn’t believe her first day back at school, her teacher brought up the fight.

A month ago, two brothers jumped Jayla and her sister after a short argument on a school bus.

The two girls talked to WREG after it happened.

Jayla says her teacher didn’t like that.

“She told me I embarrassed her by being on the news,” she said.

She said her teacher’s comments didn’t stop there.

“She was like, ‘You could have come to school. What did they do, threaten you?’ So I got up and walked out of the classroom and I called my mom.”

“She was crying hysterically and she said, ‘Mom, come get me from school.’ I said, ‘Why?’ and she said, ‘My teacher is saying mean things to me,'” Myca Holloway said.

Myca says her daughter suffered a concussion and needed to see a neurologist. Her sister still has torn ligaments in her shoulder from the fight.

“It’s a horrible situation for a teacher to talk to her like that taking into consideration the things she has gone through mentally psychological that’s a bullying situation,” she said.

Shelby County Schools says as soon as it heard about the comments, the teacher was disciplined, but they didn’t say how.

Holloway is thankful for the swift action.

“I am very happy that something has finally been done,” she said.

The district is still investigating the bus incident, and has not said if the bus driver was disciplined for not stopping the bus.


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