This mat promises perfect grilling without the clean-up

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Cooking out is tons of fun, but the fun stops when it's time to scrub the grill.

The Miracle Grill Mat claims to make grilling easy so you'll never have to scrub your grill again.

But Does It Work?

By day, Steve Smart works in finance. By night, he's a food connoisseur and the pit boss for Totally Boar'd BBQ team.

When it's Memphis in May BBQ fest time, he says he "can smoke 40 racks of ribs at one time!"

The Miracle Grill Mat comes with two non-stick mats, so no cooking sprays are needed.

Steve placed both mats on an already fired-up grill, with steak to the left and veggies to the right.

He wanted to kick it up a notch, so he added a mustard-base catfish, too.

"Fish is frankly one of the trickier things to cook on a grill."

When it was finally time to flip the steak...

"I don't see any grill marks, but I see a nice steak being cooked!"

It didn't stick to the mat either. What about the fish?

"Notice it just fell apart, but I didn't lose any of it because it was on this thing!"

The fish cooked right up and didn't stick to the mat, plus the steak and fish were able to cook in their own juices.

"Oh wow! That's good!"

As the veggies continued to cook, Steve cleaned the other mat.

A few fish pieces were stuck, but with a few quick rubs, it wiped up in no time.

The veggies were grilled to perfection and the clean-up was just as easy.

"That is done. All you have to do is rinse it off!"

Miracle Grill Mat, you passed the Does It Work test!

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