Scammers target drivers looking for parking downtown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Claudia Cole can’t believe how easily she was scammed.

She pulled into the Central parking lot and was greeted by what looked like an attendant.

“He came to us and said it would be $6 . I looked at the machine and he said, ‘It’s not working, you pay me.'”

She forked over $6 and rushed to an appointment, only to walk back to her car to find a boot on it, plus a demand for $125 for not paying to park.

The attendant she had paid earlier? A fake.

“They are aware this guy is running scams.”

The parking company told her it happens all the time – people pretending to be the attendant, long after he leaves at 10:30 a.m.

“I didn’t know his time schedule.”

They still wanted her to pay up, so she called WREG, and when the parking company heard that, things changed.

“Just be patient, they’re trying to get it worked out for you.”

About an hour later, a man showed up, removed the boot, and said he was sorry she was scammed.

“We have been trying to get police to take care of this for a while. If you can please fill out a report with them, it would be awesome,” he told her. “We filed numerous reports the past three months and still can’t get them to do anything.”

WREG has exposed the problem before, and we’ll follow up with officers this time.

Cole says it’s a lesson learned, and she’s just glad it was resolved.

“News Channel 3 is on my side, I appreciate y’all for coming out because I’d still be sitting over there if it were not for your assistance.”


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