Man with machete goes after middle school student

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is accused of attacking a student with a machete after a middle school graduation ceremony.

Police say 69-year-old John Bush got into an altercation with a male student at Craigmont Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

They say Bush punched the student, who punched him back.

Witnesses say Bush went to his car and came back with a machete, swinging it at the boy.

An assistant principal was able to stop the attack until police arrived.


  • ChrisWilliamsJrwearshisMammysBloomers

    How wonderful, avoid the really OLDGroid. Old man was going to cut that boy up. I bet there is more to it.

    • Low Profile

      The kid was probably smarting off at him with all disrespect because that’s the way they’re all (not) raised now. The man’s instincts were probably telling him this one needed to be removed from the gene pool before it might pass on those faulty genes. Too bad for our species that he didn’t succeed. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Should be depressing.

  • Don

    John Bush,
    You are old and wise enough to know not to go to a gun fight with a machete. You should know the students at Craigmont Middle School probably has more guns than the Memphis Police Department.

    • Mary Jo

      Call it what you want. No mayor or any man can stop this behavior. Its all part of the sign of the end. The Devli has this world and Memphis in his back pocket. Come Lord Jesus Rev. 22: 20

  • Sheila

    Craigmont High, Melrose HIgh, Whitehaven High….I see a pattern of violence….I wonder why.

    • midtown mike

      Don’t forget Cordova Sheila…..a fight on the bus and then the school teacher talking trash to the sophomore student!

  • Justmovedhere

    This school and the high school next door are some of the most embarrassing shameful in existence. I lived in Nigeria for a year and these schools and the surrounding community are not a far throw from that. At least there I was being compensated to tolerate the poverty, apathy, filth, and crime. Why not leave if you don’t like it? I will as soon as my lease is up. People talk **** about California and it’s high cost of living and taxes. At least now I know where it goes. The staff at the school is slow, indecisive, incompetent, and just all around ghetto right to the top. It’s pitiful.

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