Henri Brooks not sorry about racially charged comments

(Memphis) We asked Shelby County Commissioner Henri Brooks, “Would you have said or done anything differently that day?”

She replied, “You want to be specific? Let me just say to you, sir, because you are young and I am an old school teacher — No.  Because what I said was factually correct, historically correct.”

It is a new week, but Commissioner Brooks has the same mindset.

“You asked to come here. You asked to come here. We did not,” Brooks said last Monday.

The controversial comments caused an uproar in the county commission meeting last week and landed Brooks in the hot seat.

“Don’t ever let that come out of your mouth again. That only hurts your case.  Don’t compare the two. They’re not comparable,” she said last week.

Brooks showed up to Wednesday’s meeting about an hour late, but she was as feisty as ever when she arrived.

“I’m going to say this and then I’m going to be done,” Brooks said to media.  “So hear me.”

WREG heard Brooks loud and clear.

“I corrected him.  Period,” she said.

Brooks stood by her statement that businesses need to hire more black people.

She also wanted to clarify comments she made about fellow commissioner Chris Thomas wearing a “white sheet.”

“With her talking to me about wearing a white sheet and linking me to the KKK was reprehensible,” Thomas said.

“The sheet was in reference to a cover up.  I think there’s a lot going on with that,” Brooks responded.

Whatever Commissioner Brooks claimed she meant, her words stung for some people.

However, Brooks told WREG she is not apologizing for her comments.


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