Dallas police looking to lure Memphians to Texas for work

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The message from the Dallas police force is if you can pass all of our tests, you’ve got a job.  And there are 200 openings that need to be filled.

The city of Dallas is looking to capitalize on issues within Memphis city government to fill empty spots in its force.

Senior Corporal Raymond Milburn is a recruiter for Dallas PD.

He said, “When they start looking at your pension and your pay, those officers start looking for somewhere to go.”

Milburn hopes that place is Dallas. The department set up two testing sessions in Millington and Memphis this week to see how many officers they can recruit from this region.

Curtis Gott is proud of his decade of public service, but he’s out of work now and wants back in.

“I’ve applied to Memphis, Shelby County, many departments all over the place. But some of them just never call back. “

But the Lone Star State came calling, so now he’s thinking Texas.

DPD recruiters say they like to come to this area for the mix of police experience, military members, and college graduates.

“There’s some issues going on with the police department right now. I’ve had several people inquire about jobs with the Dallas police department,” Milburn said.

With starting salaries at $42,000, they hope to meet with at least 40 people each day and show them what life in Dallas is like.

After you pass all of the days tests, it’s far from over. There are a few back and fourths to Dallas to take more tests, and then eight months of training before you’re actually on the force.


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