Comcast ranked at bottom of customer satisfaction survey

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(Southaven, MS)  When it comes to customer satisfaction, subscription TV and internet service providers are at the bottom of the list.

A recent survey says Time Warner and Comcast are the most disliked companies in America.

WREG stopped by a Comcast service center in Southaven to talk to customers, and while some say they agree with the ranking, others say it’s better than the alternatives.

“I went through hell,” said Rita Windless about her recent attempt to get a Comcast customer service representative on the phone.

Windless isn't happy right now with Comcast, and apparently she’s not alone.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which just published its survey results, Time Warner and Comcast customers have the most unsatisfied customers in America.

On a 100 point scale, Time Warner scored the worst at 56 and Comcast scored not much better, at 60.

According to the survey, people are unhappy with high prices, slow data transmission, and unreliable service.

Then there's Rita's complaint: “As as far as coming in, it's excellent, but as far as taking care of business over the phone...customer service? Zero!”

Comcast sent WREG this statement:

“Improving the customer experience is our top priority, and we are not satisfied with these results. As part of our ongoing focus on making it easier for customers to interact with us, we're investing in new technology and apps to offer more self-service options..."

According to the survey, although consumers are more satisfied with fiber optic and satellite services, some Comcast costumers say they're not switching.

“I’ve tried the other ones and I would rather stay with them,” said customer Wanda Williams

“I haven’t had any problem with them,” said William Dills, a customer with Comcast for ten years.

“After using the other ones, it’s about the same to me,” said Dethella Drane, a Comcast customer for seven years.

Comcast ended its statement to WREG by saying, “We are making progress, but know we still have work to do."

Comcast says its doubling the amount of training for its call service representatives and is now offering shorter appointment windows, meaning workers will come to your house within a two-hour window instead of four.

Comcast says it’s also aggressively hiring more workers in Tennessee to increase customer satisfaction


  • Evelyn Spore

    They may narrow the appointment window from four to two hours, but what about the 2-3 days you have to wait for that appointment window. I have been without internet, phone & tv service at least 6 days in the last two months. No discount on my bill, no compensation with an extra movie. Just sorry we will get to you as soon as possible. And you don’t want to hear the rest of the complaint.

  • MemphisDad

    Comcast is horrible company to do business with. They use their monopoly and prepaid political influence to steal and defraud customers out of money. This is business as usual with them. They regularly fraudulently over bill. Trying to remedy any problem with their service or billing is worse than a root canal. Their costumer service reps will say anything to get you off the phone then take no action that was promised. Please contact your congressman and BBB to inform them of the abuse that Comcast customers regularly take.

  • Skeptic

    I had been a loyal Comcast customer since cable was installed in my neighborhood in the late 70’s early 80’s. November 2013 I cut my cable line and went to DirecTV. The reason…a tree branch took down my cable and it was 3 weeks before they came out to fix it. After talking with the Comcast tech I found out that they are allowed to pick and choose what customers/jobs they want to do. They are paid by the job. A repair pays less than a new service install. I’ll take the signal loss during a storm over dealing with cable.

  • Todd Hill

    I have had trouble since last Wednesday. Had a appointment Thursday nobody showed up comcast said we r sorry have another appointment Friday 3-5 nobody. Called they said I had a appointment Saturday from 7a-8p guy shows up to pick up all equipment. Didn’t need anybody to pick up equipment needed somebody to fix box. He said he doesn’t fix stuff just picks up equipment so that was a waste. Had a appointment tues 5-20-14 for a repair man he shows up says he doesn’t know anything about any room DVR or how to fix my situation beside getting X1. Woman calls yesterday tells me they can fix my box without me getting X1 I told them sure. So they sent a repair man today says sorry u need X1. So this company has not clue from a cubicle what to do probably don’t know who they work for. Call corp I have been dealing with them but they haven’t fixed or called me back like they have said. I wish I was at the Southaven today. This company is a joke

  • Carol67

    I had Comcast for over 10 years, we were gonna be moving about a mile away so I called and asked them to suspend my service until we moved ( and we are talking about 1 week ) . We got moved and called to have my service activated and was told it would be 3 weeks since my house was in a new construction area, I asked how can that be the house was built in 1980. Anyways 3 weeks later I finally get everything hooked up my appt. was at 2p.m. I took off work to be there, I started the all to them at 2:30… he is on his way, 3:30 he is on his way, every hour til 7:00, then I was told they had cancelled my appt. it was too late, I not so politely told them NO, the service guy showed up at 11p.m. Then after I got everything hooked up, I started to get my bills and they were double from whay they were before after about 20 calls to customer service I was told they were charging for both addresses, I told them that was illegal and they said no its not you did not cancel or suspend your service….LIARS, LIARS…I did not pay the bills and told them to take me to court……Switched to U-Verse 3 years ago, been extremely happy since and they are cheaper !!!

  • Fletch

    The Service is absolutely Horrid. Worst Billing Systems, Worst Employees, Worst Processes. Just an absolute Nightmare to deal with Comcast. Super P.O. I have to deal with them again as the condo I’m moving to is only wired for Comcast and I can’t get another cable provider.

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