Are your pets’ treats making them sick?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- If you are giving your pets treats made in China, you could be putting their lives at risk.

Two major pet retailers have decided to remove those products from their shelves, after allegations that pesticides and other chemicals in them are making dogs and cats sick.

Pet owners say they are glad to see major retailers like Petsmart and Petco vowing to remove dog and cat treats made in China from their shelves.

Local veterinarians warn the treats may contain salmonella and potentially hazardous chemicals that came from anti-viruses given to chickens in China.

Susanne Heartsill of Downtown Animal Hospital said, "They found these treats are laced with pesticides like DEET, which is a bug spray, and also amantadine, which is a drug we use in veterinarian medicine. In the small animal world, we use it for pain control."

Petsmart and Petco are taking not only dog treats off their shelves, but also cat treats made in China.

Vets say there could be a reason to worry, not only about your pets' health, but also your family's.

"The bigger question gets into the whole human health question," Heartsill said. "Where is all of our food coming from? It's a national...Should be a national concern right now."

While the FDA has not been able to prove a connection between the treats and illness, some resulting in deaths, vets suspect a link to all pet treats coming out of China.

"Vomitting, diarrhea, decreased appetite...One of my first questions is, 'What are you feeding your dog?'" Heartsill said.

While shoppers like Madison Swofford said they are happy retailers are taking action, some are angry at how Petco is getting rid of the China-made treats. They aren't recalling them. Instead, the treats are on clearance.

"I think leaving them up and trying to get people to still purchase them is irresponsible," Swofford said, shaking her head.