Moms Stay Fit With “Strollercise”

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(Hernando, MS) Bobbie Riley looked for a way to get a little exercise and still keep an eye on 2-year-old Chase.

She found it at Hernando’s fitness park.

"It gets you outdoors doing stuff with the kids and off the couch."

She’s one of several moms who walk the track behind strollers in the name of exercise.

”It’s not your traditional workout, no it is not,” said Lauren Golden, who organized the group that meets every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 a.m.

She says it’s nothing like walking.

”Well, it’s definitely tougher because they weigh a lot. They’re big babies."

Pushing the extra weight doesn’t seem like much at first, but it adds up after a while.

There’s actually sound exercise science behind this.

Have you ever seen people at the gym with weight vests on? Or holding heavy weights and walking around a track?

This uses the same principle.

Jill Meskie likes working out opposing muscle groups by letting her dog, Chester Cheeto, take the lead.

”I try to walk him two miles a day and he pulls me along and I go with him. It’s good exercise."

Since they started this routine, as many as eight moms have shown up to participate.

”It’s social time for me. The kids get fresh air,” said Golden.

She hopes more show up.

It’s already got Bobbie Riley looking for ways to get more out of her stroller workout.

”You could incorporate weights to your arms and your legs and running or walking or, you know, different paces,” Riley said.

Keeping the workout in the family so everybody benefits.