Meet The Women Who Honor Their Past By Helping The Future

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(WREG-TV) Hopefully we all keep alive some high school pride after we graduate, but you'd be hard-pressed to find more school spirit than you find among graduates at Melrose High School in Orange Mound.

These alumni support their school community with a passion and interest that's hard to match, no matter how long it's been.

Take a group that calls itself CLOSE - Concerned Ladies Of Sixty Eight.

Gloria Chandler, class of '68, is this week's playmaker.

For years, the CLOSE ladies have been putting together foot lockers full of stuff, from quarters to peanut butter, for two male and two female seniors heading to college in the fall.

This week, we surprised the lady who's keeping a couple of the trunks at her house for this year's project, Johnetta Phillips.

"I told her I'm bringing something really heavy to her house and she's got to be there, and bringing some men to help me carry it because I can't carry it."

Six 100 dollar bills aren't that heavy, but Pass It On fibs are easily forgiven.

Gloria delivers the good news:

"Good ol' Richard Ransom is going to help us with the trunks this year!"

Johnetta showed us how the trunks are coming together so far and decided the Pass It On gift will help fund an extra trunk this year.

"We can do five trunks! That's just a blessing. It really is great."

Lots of time has passed since these ladies were graduating, but their loyalty to their past and willingness to help the future is what passing it on is all about.

The grads the ladies are helping this year are going to UT Knoxville and Whiley College in Texas.

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