Memphis Music Community Prays For DJ Slick Rick’s Recovery

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(Memphis) A vigil for a Memphis DJ shot during a robbery in Raleigh in the parking lot of his family's nightclub, the Stage Stop, was held Monday night.

Police are looking for two men who shot Ricky Buchanan, known to many as Slick Rick.

His mother posted on her Facebook that Buchanan is not recovering like he should, and he had to undergo surgery again Monday afternoon.

Ric Chetter, president of Radio Memphis, said it's a somber day in the music community.

"He went outside as he usually does and checked the parking lot towards the end of the night to make sure everything was fine, and at that point, he was approached," said Chetter.

Police said two men demanded money, and when Buchanan tried to get away, they shot him several times.

"He is a great guy. He has been a staple of that venue for that long," said Chetter.

Chetter said Rick's mom owns Stage Stop, an iconic hangout for Memphis musicians. Buchanan is the DJ at nights, and during the week, he's a personal trainer.

Friends said Buchanan and his mom are always holding fundraisers for those in need.

"And now, to have fundraisers for her son. That is what stuck me as wow," said Michael "Doc" Studdard with Radio Memphis.

So the music community is trying to raise money, because Buchanan doesn't have insurance that covers out of work expenses.

"The first thing we do in this community, as musicians and artists we band together," said Chetter.

They know Rick would do the same for them.

Right now, police have not released a descriptiom of the suspects, but said they left in a green, small car, possibly a Honda.

Click here to donate to help with Slick Rick's medical bills.


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