Family Tied Up, Woman Sexually Assaulted During Home Invasion

(Marshall County, MS) It all happened in the middle of the night – a man, a woman, and their children duct taped and robbed in their home.

Sheriff’s deputies found the couple’s two cars. The robbers took the cars after one of the boldest break-ins anyone around here can remember.

“In this part of our county, its quiet secluded. we just don’t have a whole lot of problems in that area,” said Kelly McMillen, Marshall County Sheriff’s Deputy.

It was anything but quiet Sunday night. We’re not identifying anyone to protect the victims’ identities.

“They had them hog tied in there an hour and a half, man,” said a family member who lived next door.

He woke up to the children beating on his door for help.

“He asked me to come and help him, he said, ‘Cause my momma and daddy, they hogtied them and we just got robbed.’”

Cars, jewelry, TVs, and money were all gone, but he froze when he saw the couple naked on the ground.

They were tied with duct tape, bleeding from wounds, and that’s not all.

“They show didn’t have any remorse, they duct taped the woman, sexually assaulted her and her kids right there. How them kids gonna take that right there?”

One of the cars was found in Memphis, the other on a rural road in Marshall County.

Sheriff’s investigators say there were three men who were dropped off at the home, walked across a large stretch of land, forced their way in and took off, but not without leaving some clues to who they were.

“Due to the location and the info we gathered, we believe the individuals responsible know the people who live there,” said McMillen.


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