Dutschke Sentenced To 25 Years For Ricin Letters

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(Tupelo, MS) A man who admitted he sent ricin contaminated letters to President Obama and several other people has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Last week, James Everett Dutschke, said he decided to reverse his guilty plea in the case.

Today, Dutschke changed his mind again and accepted the sentence.

In addition to President Obama, letters were sent to U.S. Senator Roger Wicker and Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland.

An extra five year sentence supervised release sentence was also given to Dutschke.


  • whitesRdevilsanhypicrites

    This fool deserved a firing squad. Just goes to show you whites are incapable of seperating poltics from common sense. Nobody, but pale faces would be ignorant enough to mail poison to anybody ESPECIALLY theppresident AND a judge. All just over foolishness. Vote dont kill,

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