Church Leaders Encourage Kids To Pull Up Their Pants

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(Memphis) You know the trend that has teenage boys wearing their pants hanging real low?

Some Memphis church leaders are trying to get these kids to pull up their pants, and Sunday night they took that message to a downtown stage.

These are the same men that have been handing out free belts outside of high schools around Memphis.

Sunday, they kicked off their "Pull Your Pants Up Tour" at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale, hoping to take this message to teens across the country.

Rodney Porter of Joy Records said, "You see the new generation of guys with their pants hanging down below their waist and it just sends out a negative vibe and a negative energy, so tonight we are promoting pull your pants up because nine times out of ten, if you pull your pants up, your mentality will come right along with it."

Marcus McCray is the founder of New Chapter Ministries and is planning on taking the song to local high schools while his ministry continues to hand out free belts.


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