4-Wheeling Groups Hope Cleanup Will Keep City Park Open

(Memphis) It’s hard to miss the trash around the Covington Pike Bottoms, but the neighbors are coming together.

They say this is their problem and they need to do something about it.

It’s not as bad as it was, but it’s still pretty gross.

Amy Benjamin first saw the story about the trash dumping on WREG.

She said,  “It was almost embarrassing at first. That people had to see the bottoms for that. Instead of how we see it. So that definitely inspired me to say we have to do something something has got to happen.”

Benjamin rides her 4-wheeler down here three days a week. She even met her husband riding down here.

“This is our home. If we could live here instead, we would be here.”

Their home-away-from-home is in jeopardy. The city is considering blocking off the area because the trash dumping is such a problem.

Dwan Gilliom with Memphis Public Works said, “If we are going to force other people to clean up their properties, we need to make sure we’re doing a pretty good job of cleaning up our property as well.”

Now Benjamin and her fellow riders are coming together to clean it up. She says they are not the ones dumping it, but it’s costing them, too.

“I’ve had a couple of times when I had to go and spend money to fix the 4-wheeler I ride from riding over the trash and debris that’s down here.”

They hope if they can get a handle on the trash, they’ll be allowed to keep coming back.

Gilliom said this was the first he had heard about their efforts.

He said,”If we have a group that will sit down and tell me what their plans are moving forward and we probably wouldn’t need to cut off access to anybody at this point.”

That clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday, May 31. T

hey hope a lot of hands will make all of this light work. Here is a link to the Facebook group.


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