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Will ‘Tennessee Promise’ Help The State Or Waste Tax Money?

(WREG-TV) Governor Bill Haslam envisioned Tennessee being the first state in the country where every high school senior in the state would have the opportunity to attend a two-year community college, completely free of charge.

He delivered that promise this week with a program called "Tennessee Promise."

Do the Informed Sources think it will help the state or be a waste of your tax dollars?


  • Joe

    huge waste……colleges arent equipped and neither are a large chunk of students who will waste their time, the taxpayers dollars and then promptly drop out after one semester….maybe two

    college was never meant for everyone

    this is a politician with a fantasy……not a vision

    oh it sounds good….but really people? really?

    this will be an epic fail…..but watch them brag about it the first few months

    th eproblem is… will take 3-4 years before we know the results.

    and by then…..politicians will have moved on… they always do

    classic pump and dump…politician style

    • Dr. JohnS

      My you have had a bad day. I do know this, what we have is not working and he does have a vision. Those that do not want to go to college can go to a trade school. If we have only 25% who take advantage of the offer and become taxpayers it is a whole lot more than what we have now.

      I am proud of our Governor for having a vision and not afraid to push it through. Certainly different than what our Mayor has and spends money on toys that only destroy Memphis.

  • Don

    It really sounds good, however the students need to sign a contract to stay in school or pay for the whole 2 years. this should keep out the riff-raft and help the schools.

    • Dr. JohnS

      You are right, those who cannot cut it will be out early. There are many who are not college material but they can now go into a trade school and learn skills to work and make a living.

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