Drivers Troubled Over Traffic on Stage Road

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(Bartlett, TN)There's another layer adding to traffic nightmares.

Starting Sunday night, TDOT crews are doing re-pavement work on a section of Stage Road in Bartlett. Some families in the area aren’t too pleased about the project,

5-year-old Zoey has a little trouble going to sleep , But it`s not because she`s an active child, Zoey and her mom live in a neighborhood right off the busy Stage Road.

“What does that sound like?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“Uh beep, beep, beep,” replied Zoey.

Now Zoey`s mom fears her little one is going to have an even harder time getting to bed.

TDOT is repaving the two and a half mile stretch of Highway 64, between Santa Valley and Bartlett Boulevard.

The repaving work will be done between 8 at night and 6 in the morning, not the usual peak hours of traffic. But it`s still enough for Zoey`s mom Bili Jo to be concerned.

“It’s going to be a headache,” said Bili Jo Gokey.

Here`s why, Stage Road travels east and west, he same as Sam Cooper. The boulevard is lined with orange cones and construction barrels. Traffic here is knocked down to just one lane.

Bili Jo, like many drivers, takes Stage Road to drive east and west and avoid the jam packed Sam Cooper.

“How would you describe it?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“A cluster,” replied Gokey.

“There`s already enough road rage in Memphis.,” said Kyle Strauser who lives near where the work on Stage Road is getting done too.

He hopes they finish the work on time. The project is expected to go through the summer, ending in August.

“At least they`ll have everything paved over,” said Strauser.

The project will cost the state about 1.4 million dollars.


  • Kendrick Nelson

    Good grief, 3 months to repave 2.5 miles of a 7-lane road… In a lot of other areas of the country, they’d have no problem completing a project like this in a few weeks instead of a few months.

    • Avoid memphis

      Look no further than the lazy self-entitled Obama kids doing the job, that’s why it takes so long.

  • donald

    When they did hwy 51 in millington it was done in a few weeks. How does a road that’s just as long take so long. Hwy 51 was done in the daytime I might also add.

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