What Part Does Politics Play In The Henri Brooks Controversy?

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(Shelby County) Shelby County commissioner and juvenile court clerk candidate Henri Brooks set off a firestorm by comparing the struggles of blacks to Hispanics.

Then she accused a fellow commissioner of wearing a sheet.

Brooks won't apologize for her comments.

The Informed Sources team talked about the politics of the situation.


  • Virgil

    Politics plays no part, racism plays 100% of the part, she’s just a racist blow hard who thinks she’s better than Latinos,

  • Light Skindeded Dude

    Hats off to you, sir. (the person they tried to use as a scapegoat) You nipped that diversionary tactic in the bub before it could bloom. People can say whatever they want about your opinions on your show, but the definitely can’t call you stupid. Well played.

  • 1midtownmike

    The damage has been done. Rainbow Push and the NAACP didn’t help matters either. Ruby Wharton is probably going to drag AC down as well thru “guilt by association.”

    Otis Sanford made some great remarks and Mr. Ransom did a great job moderating the program. Too bad their common sense and wisdom won’t spill over to Henri Brooks or Lasimba Gray due to racism and arrogance.

  • Joe

    Awaiting Warton’s action … Now is the time for him to really make a difference in his stance on racism.. Is he really serious.. Or will it be politics as usual.. Immediate action should be taken as in the Sterling case.. Of course Ruby don’t know everything she said .. Really.. Like the sponsors for the Clippers.. She needs to create some distance .. Soon

    • Don

      Of course Ruby don’t know everything she said .. Bull Horns!

      Everyone all over the world knows what Raciest Brooks said.

      All you have to do is pull up Utube and type in Henri Brooks.

    • Fred

      The good ol whartons have her campaign sign in their front yard. Support her, must support her views!

  • jim

    Again, this woman is a clear and cut racist. Black people do not see it that way. Black people will elect anything and everything based on color. case in point fullilove/ford/herenton etc etc etc. so white people get out of memphis tn proper, let black people have it, it will not last long. black people only have the conscience of free gov handouts, god in heaven please. henri brooks is a dumb individual that has no sense about a thing, HEY she cannot even think out of the box because her mentality is trapped in the BOX.

  • Randy

    So Glad I moved out of Memphis. Brooks, Fullilove, Fords and Willie. These folks have made Memphis Racists. Ya can have them all.

  • Randy

    So glad I moved out if Mempho. Its people like Brooks, Fords, Fullilove , and Willie that has corrupted the black people. It’s folks like these that make Mempho people racist. As long ad their in office they will continue to stir the pot.

  • smith

    She is a plan racist, why is Wharton not saying anything, Folks we have a double standard here, its OK for Black to be racist, But not anyone else. AC get a pair of Ba## and say something, or does your wife control yours

  • takenobull

    I have always asked “If you a white man in the district of a Black Caucus member in Congress, do you have any representation?” If you a Hispanic in the district of this racist Henri Brooks City Council member do you have any representation. No need to ask if you a white citizen.

  • Kevin

    Memphis is glad you’re gone too … now, only if you can stay gone. Who cares about your opinion … voice your opinion in your own community.

    • Hard Truths

      Still working on King Willie’s ethnic cleansing program, are we?

      You dumb ra cist chump.

      Who do you think has been PAYING for your Bread and Circuses?

  • Hard Truths

    Blacks don’t seem to see or hear rac ism when it comes from THEIR mouths. I don’t understand that, and I don’t really believe it’s true.

    They KNOW better, and they support ra cists like Henri Brooks anyway.

  • Kevin

    this woman just told the truth and now you white-folks are crying foul … you are just a bunch of racist cry-babies … I wish she would have said something directly about you necks, then you would have a right to moan and cry.

  • Jimmy

    Brooks, and the Hortons are three peas in a pod. If a white council person had made racist rants, he or she would be kicked off the council. Henri’s racist comments made me mad. Blacks rallying to her defense made me realize that it is fine to spew racist rants, as long as you are a black in Memphis. One more thing, Blacks make up 56 percent of the population in Shelby County and if you can do simple math you can deduct that Blacks are the majority, NOT the minority. Brooks has made it even harder for good blacks to be hired by whites with her stupid comments. Thanks for the divide, Racist Brooks.

  • Arguenot

    You can not demand fairness and equality in one breath, while denying to others in the next.

  • Hard Truths

    Henri Brooks has always been a racist skank and nothing but.

    Her entire career has been built on race-baiting. She is a vicious, stupid beast.

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