Violent Five-On-One Fight Breaks Out At Subway Restaurant

(Memphis) A place that normally serves club sandwiches turned into a fight club Thursday night.

A female employee at Subway was attacked by five girls while she was working. Some of the girls arrested were employees at the Shelby Drive store.

The store manager told WREG the group had an ongoing argument, but a threatening text message was the tipping point.

Anyone who saw and heard the fight say it was a violent throw-down, with five girls taking on one.

Johnnie Mae Williams owns a barber shop next to the Subway and said she saw the aftermath of the fight.

"I did see the girl that got hurt, and she didn't look good," Williams said.

Subway Manager Andy Patel said he got a call Thursday night about a fight in his store.

Police said five women - Jessica Baptist, Tandeka Sesson, Taquerria Walls and two juveniles - attacked Kandace Turley while she was working at the store.

No customers were inside at the time, but police say a friend of Turley's was hit with a crow bar when she tried to help.

Patel said Turley and others involved in the fight worked at his store, and the fight started when one threatened the other over text message.

"This girl was sending a text message to the other girl saying if she came to work in the morning over here, she would beat her on the face," Patel said.

The sister of one of the girls arrested told WREG Patel fired her, because she told the station about the fight.

"I asked him, 'Why are you firing her?' He said, 'Because she brought the news people up here,'" the woman said.

The girl did not call WREG, and Patel said he fired her because she was the one who sent the text.

The mother of one of the juvenile girls arrested said her daughter was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I do believe my daughter will be proven innocent before it's over, because I won't give up fighting to find out the truth in this," Tammy Walls said.

Williams said she is just sad to see so many young people throw their lives away.

"I was really sad to see young ladies acting that way," she said. "That saddens me to see young ladies act that way."

WREG is told the girl who was attacked will be OK.

Baptist, Sesson and Walls are all charged with aggravated assault.

Patel has not decided if he will fire the other girls involved in the fight.

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