Authorities Shut Down Three Businesses Declared Nuisances

(Memphis) Several businesses deemed nuisances have been shut down.

The Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office, Memphis Police Department and the West Tennessee Violent Crime & Drug Task Force took part in the closures of:

  • B’Well Express Tires
  • 1785 Delano
  • Governor’s Inn& Suites
  • 2490 Mount Moriah Rd.
  • Millbranch Grocery
  • 3647 Millbranch Rd.

Authorities say all the businesses allegedly allowed or promoted drug trafficking by employee or customers.

Police were called to the Governor’s Inn 175 times in less than a year on complaints of  robbery, aggravated assault, drugs and theft.

D.A. Amy Weirch said when the Governors Inn was closed investigators found pot, heroine and cocaine.

Investigators found drug trafficking at Millbranch Food and Grocery, including around children.

Tyrion Davis used to bring his young kids here to shop. He had no clue.

“I’m very proud they shut it down,” he said. “I’m the most happiest person they shut it down.”

A search warrant at B’Well Express Tires uncovered 17 ounces of marijuana, $4,491 in cash and a stolen 357 pistol.

Police say for years employees rotated customers through, selling them marijuana. It was so popular, investigators say they would sometimes wait in line.

Undercover agents were sold drugs seven times.

Neighbor Phyllis Coleman watched investigators shut it down.

“We have so much crime in Frayser, you know whatever we can do to stop the killing is going to be a good thing for the neighborhood.”

Investigators hope the nuisance closures send a message loud and clear to other business owners.

“We as a community are not going to tolerate drug sales and criminal activity on your business premise,” Weirich said.

All three businesses will remain closed until at least Monday when they have a hearing scheduled.


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