Is Memphis To Blame For The Growing Youth Violence In DeSoto County?

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(DeSoto County, MS) Some people in DeSoto County are blaming Memphis for the increase of youth crimes in their county.

The problem is so bad, it forced the county to expand the juvenile court and detention center.

"It is increasing partially because the population is increasing, and we have more problems in DeSoto County than a lot of similar sized counties, because we are so close to Memphis," said Jim Franks.

Franks was a DeSoto County youth court prosecutor for more than a decade. He said more people from Memphis are moving south and bringing the crime with them.

"We certainly had an increase in case loads over the last several years," said Franks.

The increase caused the county to make new plans.

When the sheriff's office and jail move into a new facility on Industrial Drive, the juvenile court system will move into the old jail building, a larger detention center, and another court room.

County planners said the idea was approved last year, and most of the money for the expansion is coming from grants.

Unfortunately, Franks said it is only a short-term fix.

"It is unfortunate there's not a better way to hold parents accountable," said Franks.

Until the county finds a way to do that, he said more children will get into trouble.

WREG did request the crime stats, but never heard back.


  • Johnissmokinonkingwillieswillie

    Great name. Yes it’s the fault of Memphis. The culture only knows violence.

  • Dr. JohnS

    I hate to disappoint the good man from Desoto county, but Memphis has not lost any crime. Still the same old problems we have had for way too many years.

  • FacePalm

    Well this is just my opinion on who is the blame. First I blame the individuals committing the crimes. Here is what I believe to be the reason that’s leading up to the crime. There are kids and adults who don’t have any respect for the law because our justice system doesn’t hold people accountable for their actions such as robbery, theft, various violent crimes. Criminals are being let off for violent crime and are back on the street faster than a jack rabbit on c r a c k and criminals think its okay to rob, murder, steal, r a p e and take what’s not theirs because that’s easier than getting a job and actually working for what others have. Offenders who are by law considered minors can basically do what ever they want because our judicial system sees them as misguided and don’t know any better. Sorry but when I was 15 I knew right from wrong and knew being violent and breaking the law was wrong. Then you have the parents and women that can’t understand that their v a g i n a s are not a clown car and they can’t seem to grasp that its not a good idea to have multiple different things going in that cause multiple things to fall out every few months. When the multiple things fall out, the mothers don’t take the time to raise them right and view them as a free gravy train with biscuit wheels. Then we have the men that like to play in the garden but not care and nurture the vine. Then there are the ones who call police brutality when breaking the law, so a lot of times cops can’t do their job with out the fear of being sued, killed or injured. Then we have the people who have the gimmie free stuff cause I deserve it attitude and draining resources from those who actually need help from our social programs. Get used to folks, cause it will likely arrive in a city near you.

    • LiberalsDestroyMorality

      No it isnt a clown car, it is a GOVERNMENT CHECKING ACCOUNT. 15 years old, crackhead Mother, no idea of who the father is, 11 half-brothers/sisters, dropped out of school, couple of felonies, so whats a victim of society to do? Get pregnant and here come the goodies. Head of the line for the Section 8 $50 a month house, few hundred in food stamps, TNCare for all, WIC for the baby with free diapers and formula, here comes the welfare checks, once a year the IRS sends you a bonus for this immoral, society destroying lifestyle, called an Earned Income Credit. Now it takes a little time but you still get more presents in the form of we will pay your utility bill, free Obama phone, yo Man shows up on the 5th of every month to bring you the goodies he has stolen, the clown car gets exercised again, and in the hood it is known as Fathers Day.

      Rinse and repeat is the motto. Democrats, like Henri Brooks, say vote for me and you gonna get more goodies. It is about the black folk. Keep popping out them babies, expand our territory, and when we be the majority, we has to expand again coz we have destroyed our own house and time to move on down the road where the white guilt idiots will vote for our peeps. You just dont understand the system FacePalm. The more the clown car is used, the more you get put in yore Government Checking Account. Understand?


        OH, HI BOB.
        I see you are on WREG with that same ole lame saying “RINSE REPEATRINSE. Did you know you are repeating a chant for genocide? You should be reported…again.

  • JohnSisreallyaTranny

    There is a new m o n k e e e e coming on board. I guess the ones on here being and can’t answer the question of what does the C stand for. Here you go. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Sounds racial to me. Just like Miss Black America, Black College fund and so on.

  • gunit

    the comments on this article make me long for that earthquake we’re overdue for.
    congratulations on being horrible people.

  • John Miller

    I hope that earthquake kills everyone in Desoto County, nothing but a bunch of poor white and black trash!

    • problematic

      houwse abot ya gather up all yere gud christian white bretheren and tak tu tha streets an let dem coloreds kno dat tey aint wellcum roun dese parts no moore, the great stete of Mississippi dont tak 2 kindley 2 coloreds cauwsin ruckus…give them coloreds hell whitey

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