Is Memphis To Blame For The Growing Youth Violence In DeSoto County?

(DeSoto County, MS) Some people in DeSoto County are blaming Memphis for the increase of youth crimes in their county.

The problem is so bad, it forced the county to expand the juvenile court and detention center.

“It is increasing partially because the population is increasing, and we have more problems in DeSoto County than a lot of similar sized counties, because we are so close to Memphis,” said Jim Franks.

Franks was a DeSoto County youth court prosecutor for more than a decade. He said more people from Memphis are moving south and bringing the crime with them.

“We certainly had an increase in case loads over the last several years,” said Franks.

The increase caused the county to make new plans.

When the sheriff’s office and jail move into a new facility on Industrial Drive, the juvenile court system will move into the old jail building, a larger detention center, and another court room.

County planners said the idea was approved last year, and most of the money for the expansion is coming from grants.

Unfortunately, Franks said it is only a short-term fix.

“It is unfortunate there’s not a better way to hold parents accountable,” said Franks.

Until the county finds a way to do that, he said more children will get into trouble.

WREG did request the crime stats, but never heard back.


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